The Simplest Home Buying Process On The Market

If you've owned a home before, you're probably no stranger to how stressful the conventional home buying process can be. 

As third generation builders, we're familiar too.

That's why here at HAVEN we've obsessed over and perfected the buyer experience -- not just in living (open spaces, lots of natural light, elegant design through and through), and not just in smart systems design (cutting-edge green technology and use of sustainable materials), we've also thought about how to make the buying process as simple as possible. 


Step 1 // Phone interview

We'll chat about what you want in a home and discuss possible options. 

You'll become very familiar with all of our different models and sub-options. 

We want to hear all about your dream home and from there we'll detail the ways in which we can transcribe those dreams into reality. 


Step 2 // Land

Where do you want your HAVEN?

Maybe you already have an urban lot or some acreage outside of town. Or maybe you don't have any land at all. 

A unique aspect of HAVEN is that we will purchase land for you. (See? We told you it's stress-free).

Once you tell us what you're looking for, we'll do all the footwork to find the perfect piece of earth for your HAVEN to be nestled into. 


Step 3 // Plan foundation + utilities

Foundation is a crucial component of any home - prefab included. 

HAVENS are built with the utmost structural integrity, then attached to a solid foundation upon arrival at your site. 

We'll work together to lay out a plan to get all utilities to the lot (power, water, sewer, phone, cable, internet...) then we'll take it all from there. 

Utilities will be put in your name for billing purposes, but HAVEN will manage and coordinate everything for you. 


Step 4 // Build

Now it's time for us to do what we do best - build.

HAVENS are built in a climate-controlled environment allowing for far less material waste, tighter construction, and a much more efficient building process.

How efficient? Our building process lasts weeks, not months. Pretty awesome, right?


Step 5 // Delivery day

Things are starting to get real fun now!

Just a few weeks after your order is placed, HAVEN's install team arrives.

Our team of professionals will inspect site conditions and make any last minute adjustments, then we'll bring in the big guns to deliver your modules!

All modules are craned into place and within 24 hours your house is dried in!


Step 6 // Move-in day 

Just a few weeks after delivery, your home is ready to move into. 

Furniture in place, beds made, everything you need to spend your first night is already in place.

Welcome home. 

That's it! Mere weeks after your order is placed you have a beautiful new home, filled with all the mod cons, ready to live in, and no headaches along the way because we take care of the entire process. 

Creating space for you to enjoy life. 
This is a HAVEN.